NetsourceLX is the platform for creating exceptional Learning eXperiences
NetsourceLX is more than just another Learning Management System


NetsourceLX is a highly customizable platform which provides the ability to deliver an exceptional learning and user experience that matches that way your organization works.

No more wasted effort being stuck with a rigid and expensive Learning Management System (LMS).

NetsourceLX can also be embedded in your existing Line-of-Business applications. Knowledge and training is just a click away.

Content Rich

At the heart of NetsourceLX is a rich content management system that can store a wide variety of content such as files, rich web/HTML content, interactive modules and videos.

Think of it as the Wikipedia for your workforce.

LMS Capabilities

On top of the advanced features, NetsourceLX provides typical LMS capabilities such as support for existing and emerging eLearning standards (SCORM 1.2 and 2004, Tin Can API/Experience API).

NetsourceLX can support online, instructor-led and blended learning.


NetsourceLX can be implemented very quickly without the need to purchase hardware and add additional burden on your internal IT team.

It runs on a secure, scalable and highly available platform that can grow with your needs.


NetsourceLX has a rich layer that enables user interaction between members and groups. It includes tools for discussion, moderation and feedback. It also incorporates rich social media like capabilities for interaction.



NetsourceLX can integrate with a wide variety of third-party platforms such as live virtual training, webinars, CRM Systems, etc.



Our professional services team can help you build these exceptional learning experiences by providing implementation support.

Customers also have access to our NetsourceStudio facilities where we build advanced elearning interactive content and simulations.

These services are provided by Netsource Interactive, a digital consulting firm and web incubator.


We work with a wide variety of systems integration firms and resellers.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in any partnership or reseller programs.

About Us

NetsourceLX is a product of Netsource Interactive, a digital consulting firm and web incubator based in Washington DC.

To learn more, go to the Netsource Interacive web site.

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The Netsource Early Learning Suite is a customized version of NetsourceLX that assists states in supporting Early Childhood Education. Learn More

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